Liberia: Preparing our Women for the CAF Women’s Champions League

Our Award-winning Sports Correspondent, Anthony Kokoi, announced yesterday that the Liberia Football Association (LFA) will host the 2022 Women’s Champions League Zone A Qualifiers of the West African Football Union (WAFU), scheduled for August ensuing.

According to Correspondent Kokoi, the WAFU Women’s Division champions are scheduled to travel to Monrovia for the annual qualifications tournament. This will be the first time that Liberia will host such a tournament, bringing together over 100 players from various teams in the West African Sub-region.

The last edition of the zonal qualification was held in Cape Verde with four of the nine WAFU A member Associations represented.  Reporter Kokoi said Mali champions A.S. Mande won the tournament and represented the Zone at the final tournament in Egypt (November 5-19, 2021).

In the ensuing tournament, Liberia will be represented by champions Determined Girls, with the determination to exert their best performance to qualify for the finals — and beyond that, to WIN!  The Liberian champions ended the previous edition in third, out of four places.

This time, we all should rally around our champions, Determined Girls, so that they will go forth and do everything to manifest their name, by marshaling their every determination to go forward and WIN!

We call on all Liberian sports enthusiasts, indeed all our people, nationals and foreigners alike, to come out and rally behind these, our young women, and do all within our power to propel (drive) them on to victory.

The time has come for us to stop doubting ourselves.  The time has come for us to develop and manifest (demonstrate) the CAN DO spirit, believing, knowing, trusting, and having the faith that nothing can stop us from going out with every determination TO WIN!  Let us believe and know that with God behind us, everything is possible!

Let us begin by immediately turning out to do perhaps something we have never done before — to find out where our girls are practicing, and turn out en  masse, which means in our numbers, to cheer them, letting them know that we are with them, behind them and beside them to drive them on to victory.

We appeal to all our people to take seriously this Editorial — don’t just read it, which we pray you all will do — but not only that — but actualize it by going out and demonstrating your passion for our girls’ outstanding performance and success in winning.

Let us develop the resolve to get behind our girls, our women, and push them on to victory and let them know that we all believe in them and are sure that they can and will be victorious!

According to Reporter Kokoi, we have 10 teams in the Women’s Upper League; 10 in the Lower League; and there are plans to introduce the Third Division among the women players.  Women’s Football, until now, has never had this amount of support.  But now that they have it, let all of us let them know that they have it, that all of us are behind them, beside them and before them, with every determination that they will be victorious in all they do.